5-year-old boy gets ‘Up’ photo shoot with 90-year-old great-grandparents

Everything Disney seems to go viral these days, so it’s no surprise that the pictures of Elijah Perman dressed up as his favorite character from the Pixar Classic Up went viral. This may seem like a clever marketing scheme, but the story behind these photos is very heart warming.

Rachel Perman decided to gift her two five year old twins with a photo shoot for their birthday. The children were allowed to pick any theme, and as you can tell from the photos, the Permans went all out for this shoot. Elijah picked Up as the theme for his shoot because its his favorite movie. In fact, his mother states he’s borderline obsessed with it. Elijah even went so far as to ask his 90 year old great grandparents, Richard and Caroline Bain, to dress up as Carl and Ellie. The couple was happy to obliged and even studied up on photo of Carl and Ellie to make sure their costumes were perfect. Emmilee, Elijah’s twin sister, was also gifted with a photo shoot and decided to go with a unicorn theme and had a real horse dressed as a unicorn in her photos.

Rachel Perman is a part-time photographer and has called her photography business a “side hustle”, but when she helped bring her children’s creative concepts to life hustling was the last thing on her mind. Perman was motivated to make her children’s dream photo shoots come to life in response to a very real fear she had a few years ago. She was afraid she wouldn’t live to see their fifth birthday.

Shortly after Perman had the twins, she was diagnosed with cancer. Perman has an older daughter, Mikayla, who was five at the time of the diagnosis, Perman remembers thinking to herself that she might not get the same amount of time with her twins that she had with Mikayla. The thought terrified her. When Perman reached this milestone birthday, she knew she wanted to celebrate in a big way, so she decided to go all out on fun photo shoots.

At first, Perman posted the photos exclusively on her personal Facebook page, but it didn’t take long for the post to go viral. Seeing the success her photos were having, Perman decided to post the photos on her business page. Today Perman is happy and healthy. Her cancer has been in remission for almost four years, and this photo shoot unintentionally brought much attention to her side business.

However, this photo shoot has proven to be so much more than just cute Disney themed photos. It has become a modern day symbol of the value of life in many ways. It’s a celebration of Elijah’s life as he grows another year older. It’s a celebration of the continuation of Rachel Perman’s life, which might have ended years ago, and finally, it’s a celebration of the long and happy lives of Richard and Caroline Bain, who remain connected to their family and share their wisdom and joy with them.

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