Plumber takes job at cancer-sick 91-year-old’s home and his invoice is now going viral

James Anderson is a 52-year-old plumber, who is dedicated to ensuring that the less privileged can have access to quality plumbing and boiler maintenance services at little or no cost.

He became deeply moved by the many cases of neglect and the kind of treatment people give to the elderly. he was troubled to see how badly an engineer treated an elderly man. He wasn’t happy with the outcome of events, so he decided to take proactive steps to help the many who are in desperate need of his expertise but cannot afford to pay.

James closed down his private business in 2017 and went ahead to start Depher. Depher is a not for profit company which has the primary objective of providing low cost or free pipeline or boiler installation, maintenance and repair services for people who ordinarily may not be able to afford them.

He strongly believes that the elderly and the disabled should not die from a cold home because they couldn’t afford to fix their boiler; he said that it shouldn’t be happening in this time and age.

Since inception in 2017, Depher has helped thousands of the less privileged, elderly and disabled solve their plumbing needs. James hopes to reach out to more people and has begun to put measures in place to get more professionals to become part of this great movement.

One of these many kind gestures got the whole world’s attention, it happened when a bill sufficed online. This bill had a list of all the services he had rendered and intends to render an elderly woman who was diagnosed with acute-leukemia and was apparently under an end of life care. On the description column, he indicated the operations he carried out on the boiler and some leaks he fixed.

He also added that they will remain available 24 hours to handle all the 91-year old woman’s plumbing needs and stated that under no circumstance should the elderly lady be charged for any of his services, also, he made a commitment to keep her as comfortable as possible. This alone has gained a lot of likes and attention from so many people around the world on social media. It’s really laudable and worth all the encouragement he can get.

The world is truly in dire need of people like James, who have gone out of their way in putting the needs of others before theirs. You might be amazed at the fact that this form of kindness has got James into a lot of debt. Currently, the company owes over £8000.

Although they’re currently in debt, this has by no means served as a deterrent from offering these services at little or no cost to people who need them. He said that he’ll prefer to go into debt than fold his hands and allow the needy to die from a cold home.

Frankly, this isn’t really just an adorable story but quite commendable and is such a good example that people ought to follow.

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