Heartbroken vet reveals: What pets do minutes before being put to sleep

When a new pet enters the home it can be one of the happiest days that a person can experience. I remember when my fiancee and I got our dog, Coda. We walked into the shelter and looked around a bit not finding anyone that would fit our family. As we keep looking we eventually found our way into the next room over and found ourselves face to face with one of the cutest little canines I have ever seen. He has now integrated into our family very well and sitting next to me taking a nap as I write this.

This story is probably very familiar to most families with pets. They come into our lives and take over our hearts. We would do almost anything for them. But there comes a time for every four legged friend when they become too old or sick to carry on and we have to take them to the vet to be put to sleep. This is a time that can be very hard on people. But one vet says as hard as it is on the people, it is harder on the pet, and although it is very difficult it is important to be there for your pet in these final moments.

One anonymous vet says that people need to understand that they will outlive there pet most of the time, and need to be ready to be there for their pet when this moment comes. A pet is usually only in a persons life for ten to twenty years depending on the species and breed, but for the pet we are there their entire life. From the day that a pet meets their new owner, the owner is there for them at every turn. We are there to feed them, to bath them, to take care of them in bad times. We can’t just walk out on them when it gets to hard. We need to be there in the final moments as well.

According to this vet, after the person leaves the room and the pet is left with the final people they will see, they often scratch at the door and look around, desperately looking for their owner. In this final moment when the pet is sick or old and scared and dying they can’t find the one person that they have relied on for their whole life. The one person that was always there is now gone. The anonymous vet says that this can be a very traumatic time for pets. They are leaving this world in a room full of strangers and cant find the one person they love most.

In the final words of this vet’s statement he urges people to be brave in those final moments and be there for their pets. It is much more stressful and scary for the pet to be going out with out their best friend there, and it is much harder for the vet who has to try and calm the pet and explain why the pets life long companion is missing.

So next time you have to say good-bye to a beloved pet, stay in the room with them until the end. It might be hard, but it is much harder for them. They need you in those last moments.

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