KFC Is Now Selling A Donut And Fried Chicken Sandwich

Fired chicken tonight? Sweet…literally sweet, slammed in between a couple of donuts. The eleven secret herbs and spices is getting jazzed up. Think sweet and sour, caramel salt, yin yang. KFC is trialing a Donut And Fried Chicken Sandwich, or burger, or dogur…whatever you want to call it.

The fried chicken between two glazed donuts will set you back $5.99. If you’re a meat on the bone person KFC had got you covered as well; a fried chicken basket with a donut, tenders, and chicken on the bone for $5.49. Want to upgrade? Grab an extra donut for $7.49. If you only want a donut, get your friend to order an extra one with their meal for $1.00.

It may seem odd, but sweet and salty combinations have been around for years, such as ham and pineapple, bacon and syrup, honey roasts, and of course chicken and waffle. Scientists have also discussed the complementary sweet and salty relationship between taste buds and the brain. That said, it’s yet to be seen if this unique KFC combination will take off. If it goes well it could be sold around the US and beyond.

Social media is divided on the subject, with twitter asking “does this come with a free month of cholesterol meds”, to “Dreams can come true after all”. Sure, if you’re eating this every day, you may want to stop and ask yourself some questions. But if you’re having a treat, what’s the difference between eating your chicken and having a donut for dessert.

Like any big brand, KFC wants to try something new, test the market and push the limits. Any publicity is good publicity to start with, but ultimately it will be the consumers that decide this burgers fate. I hear they are keen in Australia to try the chicken donut sandwich.

This trial offer is currently available in the Virginia, Pittsburgh, Norfolk and Richmond areas. If you’re outside these areas and the Colonel’s offer sounds too good to be true, quit eating chicken and donuts for a week, plan a weekend road trip, jump in the car with your favorite playlist on, and make up for your abstinence when you get there. If you’re desperate and can’t get down there, grab a bucket of KFC and your favorite donuts DUI style, with a jam center or chocolate coating if you want to go crazy.

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