Cat becomes Best Man in Owner’s Wedding

Who says cats can’t be man’s best friend? Of course, they decided to one-up dogs and become Best Man while they’re at it. We’ve all occasionally heard of dogs attending their owners weddings, but it’s an even rarer gem to hear about cats being the best man! This is exactly what happened to Aaron Benitez when he brought his pet cat, Prince Michael to become the best man for his wedding. Benitez rose to fame within the social media sphere from is acclaimed YouTube channel Aaron’s Animals. The deep bond between him and Prince Michael was very well documented through short and tastefully done video clips. It was no surprise that the lovable feline earned a huge role to play for his owner’s big day.

When interviewed by PEOPLE magazine, Benitez explained that one of his top priorities during the whole wedding planning process was to find a venue that allowed cats. He even made sure that the caterer prepared salmon dishes– Prince Michael’s favorite! Benitez’s furry companion was completely laid-back and easy going throughout the event making things as smooth as it can seem.

“Besides the usual duty of walking down the aisle, Prince Michael also continued to entertain the guests all night long.” Said Benitez, as he fondly praised his pet’s chill nature. Prince Michael indeed took his role as best man seriously as he brought joy and laughter to the guests everywhere he went. As the obvious mood maker in the room, the cat had to dress the part too! This precious pet cat attended his owner’s wedding dressed in an elegant and tailor made suit that was perfectly made for him by a special tailor, who would’ve thought there’d be a market for tailor made suits for cats!

All the guests enjoyed having Prince Michael around and there was not a frown in sight, thank goodness no one was was allergic. All the while the pet cat enjoyed the loving attention he received from not only his owner but the guests as well, even posing for countless wedding photos that will definitely be kept as precious memories for years to come.

When asked about the decision of making his cat the best man and even being present at the wedding, Benitez mentioned that the idea of having your pet at your own wedding is always enticing. However, as much as Benitez enjoyed himself, he doesn’t quite recommend that just about anyone should do the same. Unless your cat is laid back and good with strangers and new environment like Prince Michael is, it would definitely be a stressful affair for any other cat. Now thank goodness Prince Michael’s a pretty chill and relaxed cat!

As of now, after being happily married, Benitez continues to create more cute and lovable videos to document his close bond and relationship with Prince Michael to hopefully spread the message that cats are just as good as man’s best friends as dogs will be. Check out Aaron’s Animals on YouTube to watch just how lovable Prince Michael is and discover your love for man’s new best friend!

Credit: @AaronsAnimals and @jonnieandgarret

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